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Vsol Control Technologies

Vsol  Control Technologies produce thermostats and controls with more than 60 years of experience and based on changing market and customer needs, as well as continuous developments, the products have developed into product families that satisfy a wide range of needs. VSol Control Thermostats are manufactured in Hungary, complying to all European standards and regulations.

VSol products are installed in electric and gas boilers, household stoves and oil fryers, automatic washing machines and dishwashers, boilers, saunas and other heating equipment.

Our factory has the component manufacturing, surface preparation and assembly technologies necessary for its activities, which is also supported by tool manufacturing and heat treatment activities.

VSol also specializes in the application and promotion of automation control, consumer electronics products and single-chip microcomputers. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating technology development, production and sales. A well-known professional company in the field of appliances.

VSol solar water heater intelligent controller adopts the computer chip and technology of NXP company in the Netherlands uses advanced PID (proportional, integral, differential) adjustment technology, and realizes the optimal design of the controller program through the bionic device experiment mode, ensuring that the solar water heater can be controlled in temperature difference. Control and additional system functions, water temperature control and display, pump speed control, heat measurement and other control aspects are infinitely close to the ideal intelligent mode, which really opened the era of solar water heater intelligence.


Guided by the development needs of OEM new products put forward by users, the company is committed to developing new products required by users in the shortest possible time and bringing customers more For comprehensive and targeted product solutions, users can get the best quality service and the best return on investment. 

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